WaveFront Procedure

At Optilase, we believe in providing you with the world’s most advanced technology. We offer Advanced CustomVue WaveFront Procedure.

What is Advanced CustomVue WaveFront Procedure?

Just like a fingerprint, your vision is unique to you. Advanced CustomVue WaveFront corrects your vision according to the individual imperfections in your eyes. This means that each laser treatment is specific to you and customised to correct your unique vision.

This technology was originally developed for use in high powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space.

Advanced CustomVue WaveFront uses an exceptionally advanced scanner called the WaveScan which generates an accurate map of how light passes through the eye. This map, and the measurements obtained, are 25 times more accurate than measurements obtained during a routine sight test. It provides measurements of your prescription but also the natural imperfections (higher order aberrations) unique to each of your eyes.

These aberrations have a significant impact on vision and have been linked to glare and halos, particularly at night-time. Benefits of this technology include better quality night vision than previously possible. In fact, since WaveFront technology allows us to correct individual imperfections, it has the potential to correct vision to an even better level than possible with glasses or contact lenses.

Wavefront procedure