Tips for Choosing a Laser Eye Clinic in Belfast

Selecting a laser eye clinic is just as important as selecting a laser eye surgeon. However, most patients put their search efforts into the surgeon without much thought about where their procedure will take place. Inadequately equipped laser eye clinics may leave patients with adverse symptoms – such as chronic dry eyes, poor night vision or fluctuating levels of vision. In other cases, you could just walk away unsatisfied with how you were treated because the clinic’s staff were unfriendly or just unwilling to work with you in a respectful manner.

So, if you are thinking about laser eye surgery in Belfast, make sure you research the clinic where you will have your procedure done.

What to Look for in a Laser Eye Clinic

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Cleanliness – When you walk into the Belfast laser eye clinic, do you find that it is clean? A reputable laser eye centre will be hygienic, sterile and always tidy. This includes procedure areas, lobbies, examination rooms and even bathrooms.

Equipment and Technology – You want a clinic that utilises the latest laser eye surgery technology. Also, you may want to find out if you have a choice about which technology will be used for your procedure. Make sure the clinic you choose uses 100 percent all bladeless, with Intralase.

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Staff – Assess the staff, including those at the front desk as well as those assisting the surgeon. Their demeanour says a lot about the clinic and surgeons as a whole. They should be concerned about your comfort, schedule and finances.

Patient Satisfaction Rates – Ask the clinic about their success and satisfaction rates. Check their website for patient testimonials and look online to see what others are saying about them.

Results and Guarantee – A good clinic offers a lifetime guarantee on the results of your laser eye surgery. That means if your vision changes later on, the clinic will usually make adjustments at no extra cost to you.

While laser eye surgery is an investment, it offers you freedom from eyeglasses and contacts. The success of your procedure depends largely on how efficient the clinic is. Put a good amount of effort into evaluating the clinic as well as the eye the surgeon and you can rest assured that you will get excellent results.

Are you thinking about getting laser eye surgery in Belfast? Optilase offers professional staff, clean clinics and the best technology. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation for your laser eye surgery.