The Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery as Opposed to Glasses or Contacts

To most people, visual impairment is a hassle. There is difficulty in going through day to day activities. It hinders you from doing your job properly. It is basically an inconvenient condition to have. Thankfully, technology has advanced that we ways of treating this condition. People actually have choices on how to deal with being visually impaired. They can opt to ward glasses or contact lenses or they can go for laser eye surgery to give them a better vision. But how are these two different from each other? Which option is better? To answer these questions, let us look at the pros and cons of wearing glasses or contact lenses versus laser eye surgery.

It is important to note that one of the reasons for visual impairment is the inability of your eyes to refract light in a way that your optic nerves cannot get a good reception of what you are seeing. Glasses and contact lenses work by refracting light into your eyes for a good reception. Meaning it does the work for you. Since the lens and/or cornea cannot refract the light properly the glasses and contact lenses bend the light in such a way that when it enters the pupils the lens and cornea wouldn’t have to refract the light.

However, glasses and contact lenses are a hassle. Glasses may be easy to put on but it interferes with a person with certain activities like sports. Glasses can sometimes cause skin allergies. Not to mention if you lose them or break them you will be practically as blind as a bat. Contact lenses on the other hand will allow people who usually wear glasses to live life normally as it does not pose a hindrance but some people would find it difficult to apply. And you cannot wear them full time unlike glasses. In some cases, contact lenses can irritate the eyes and would sometimes cause blindness.

Laser eye surgery provides a permanent cure for visual impairment. Although, the word surgery seems scary to some people, laser eye surgery is very safe. Doctors and eye experts will guide you every step of the way. The procedure normally lasts for 30 minutes. Complications are very minor and can be treated if need be. After the procedure, the patient would be provided with post operative care for a couple of days and healing time would take the same amount of time as well. All you need are some artificial tears in eye drop form and a month’s rest tops. Also, if you are thinking about the cost, it is a better investment for your visual health than glasses or contact lens as the latter has wear and tear. Furthermore, because of the improvement of technologically, there are lesser invasive laser eye surgeries available nowadays.

In retrospect, laser eye surgery is a better treatment option because it is proven safe, effective and it is permanent. There are also patient testimonies online for those people who doubt the efficacy of laser eye surgery.