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Danielle McAuley Laser Eye Surgery Testimonial

" My life has changed so much since I had my eyes done, it's amazing the difference that it makes! "

My experience with Optilase has been Fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone!

My life has changed so much since I had my eyes done, it is amazing the difference that it makes!

The benefits? not having to use contact lenses and glasses – I’ve always had problems with that.

At my consultation I was a little bit nervous but my surgeon explained everything, he went over everything and made me feel at ease.

danielle Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

The day of the actual surgery I believe it was less than a half an hour, I was in and out. It was over more quickly than I could ever expect.

After the surgery my eyes were a bit tender but my vision was ok. I was quite surprised it could happen in such a short space of time.

The next day, when I woke up for my 24hour check-up, everything was soo clear. My experience with Optilase from beginning to end has been fantastic, and I would recommend them to anyone!”.

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