What Research Should I Do When Choosing a Surgeon?

Choosing a good laser eye surgeon will make all the difference in how your eyesight is after surgery. By doing proper research ahead of time, you can rest assured your chances of a failed surgery are much less likely. It is important to look into the promises offered by the surgical centre, since not all clinics are able to actually do what they advertise. Instead of allowing the convenience of laser eye surgery to lure you in, research the actual surgeon rather than the procedure; LASIK is only as good as the person performing it.

7 Things to Research before Making a Selection for Your Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

To find the right surgeon that will improve your vision, you will want to research these key aspects:

1. Training

Enquire about their training and see how many procedures they have done each year. You want someone who is board-certified and completes hundreds of these types of surgeries each year.

2. Use the Evaluation

During the pre-surgical evaluation, see if the surgeon assesses the important details like the quality and quantity of tears, size of your pupils, and thickness of your corneas.

3. Rejection Rate

Ask for the rejection rate for their clinic. Clinics that use the strictest standards for screening will have a higher rejection rate because they do not take unsuitable candidates; and that is a good thing.

4. Surgical Expectations

Ask the surgeons how they feel your vision will respond to the procedure. If they say your results may be borderline, not only are they honest, but it may be time to reconsider the procedure altogether.

5. Results

There are side effects that can occur from LASIK and a good surgeon will go over those; such as, night-time blindness, dry eye conditions, double vision, etc.

6. Equipment

You want a clinic that uses the latest technology in laser eye surgery and FDA-approved devices.

7. Multiple Surgery Options

A great surgical centre is one that does not just have a single solution; they instead provide multiple surgical solutions to correct your vision based on your age, type of vision loss, etc.

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