Reading Vision Correction: How the Right Technology and Surgeon Can Help

A few decades ago, if you had issues reading or seeing up close, there was not much that eye care professionals could do for you. Today, technological advancements in laser technology have made it easier for vision correction experts to help people with farsightedness see clearly up close once again.

The Development of Monovision LASIK®

By producing monovision, professionals are able to help patients who cannot see up close. Because most people have a dominant eye and that eye is favoured by the brain for sight, surgeons can take advantage by correcting the dominant eye to create monovision.

Corneal Inlays

Another option for patients with farsightedness are corneal inlays. An inlay is a tiny lens that is inserted directly into the cornea to help reshape the front surface of the eye and improve vision. These devices are smaller and thinner than traditional contact lenses, but offer a similar effect.

Corneal inlays are primarily used to correct reading vision problems. They can reduce the need for reading glasses, especially for older adults who suffer from presbyopia.

The Kamra® Inlay for Older Adults

Older adults are likely to experience vision changes – it is just nature’s way and you can’t change it. While in the past these individuals were left wearing reading glasses, there is now the Kamra® inlay, which is approved for patients 45 to 60. Kamra® inlays are placed on the non-dominant eye and the entire procedure takes less than 15 minutes but helps patients see more clearly up close.

Choosing the Right Surgical Centre Matters

Whether you need laser corrective surgery or you are thinking about a surgically-placed inlay, the laser surgery centre you choose is very important. Optilase is the #1 provider in Europe for reading vision correction. We offer the latest technologies, including inlays, to help our patients go through life without requiring reading glasses.

If you want to free yourself of reading glasses, contact Optilase for a free consultation. We can see if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery or new inlays. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.