Presbyopia Treatment – Solve the Loss of Near Vision

Solve the Loss of Near Vision with KAMRA from Optilase

If you are used to a life without corrective eyewear, then it can be a very sudden adjustment when you find yourself needing reading glasses to see near objects clearly.

When it comes to seemingly mundane daily activities, such as using a computer or mobile phone, ordering from a menu or reading the small print in newspapers or your favourite book, pulling out those instantly ageing reading glasses can make you very self-conscious and age-aware.

Do I have any other options besides reading glasses?

Presbyopia is not a refractive error, meaning that is solely caused by the physical transformation of your eyes over time. The good news is that reading glasses are not the only solution for age-related loss of near vision. Optilase is the only clinic in Northern Ireland to offer the KAMRA corneal inlay, which is a permanent corneal adjustment procedure to treat presbyopia.

What exactly are corneal adjustments?

Corneal adjustments work by implanting a transparent lens into the cornea through a minimally invasive procedure that requires very little downtime. Corneal adjustments reposition your focal point back onto the surface of the retina so that you can once again enjoy crisp, sharp vision.

How does the KAMRA inlay work with the cornea?

The KAMRA inlay works with the cornea by correcting near and intermediate vision. The inlay achieves this by increasing the depth of focus in the non-dominant eye. Inserted 0.2mm into the corneal body (at this depth, the cornea adapts to the inlay very well), the KAMRA inlay blends into the cornea and helps centralize light rays entering the eye.

Should I be worried about corneal damage with the KAMRA inlay?

The KAMRA inlay is completely safe to use and is made of a highly biocompatible material known as polyvinylidene fluoride. This means the inlay will work effortlessly, camouflaged within the natural composition and function of your eye. Manufactured so that it is only 5 microns thick (1/4 of a human hair strand), the KAMRA inlay is unnoticeable, essentially absorbed by the cornea so that you cannot feel it once it is implanted.

Am I a suitable candidate for the KAMRA corneal inlay?

The KAMRA corneal inlay is only available across Northern Ireland in Optilase clinics. Our expert staff can advise you as to whether the KAMRA corneal inlay is your perfect personalized solution to irritating reading glasses.

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