Precautions to Take with Laser Eye Surgery

Like with most other surgical procedures, all clients who go through laser eye surgeries must take note of special preparations and precautions before and after the procedure. It is vital for every patient to be fully informed of the precautions to take with laser eye surgery to avoid complications during the recovery period.

Preoperative Care

Eye doctors will usually recommend clients who wear soft contact lenses to stop wearing such for around a week prior to the laser surgery. On the other hand, those who are used to wearing hard contact lenses may have to stop wearing these from around a month and a half before the scheduled procedure. In this case, the recommendations may be different for each health care provider.

Assessment and evaluation is vital for any medical procedure. Tests and examinations may be done in multiple visits to the clinical facility to have a clear scope of the problem and abnormalities with the client’s vision and eye anatomy.

Before the surgery is done, it is standard procedure for most surgeons to prescribe an antibiotic. This acts as a prophylactic treatment to reduce the risk of developing post surgery infections. It is advised for clients to seek additional information on these antibiotic drugs as most varieties come with certain side effects. Health care providers may be able to provide additional knowledge in properly counteracting these adverse reactions.

Rest is an integral part of preoperative preparation. This is especially important on the day before the procedure. Proper rest ensures that the body’s immune response and natural ability to heal will be at an optimal level.

Post-Operative Precautions

The usual recommendation that health care providers have on showering post operatively is that clients should wait at least 24 hours after the surgery before washing the face and hair. Additionally, it is best to keep soap, shampoo or lotion away from the eyes for 7 days post surgery. This also applies for any hair spraying products wherein particles could make their way into the eye. Clients should also avoid touching or making any physical contact to their eyes. Avoiding these things can lower the risks of any infections as well as injuries.

Protective eye wear may also be prescribed by surgeons. Clients should make sure to keep these protective goggles or shields on as much as possible. Eye make-up should also be avoided. Fragments from beauty products can just as easily enter the eyes and lead to complications.

Contact with water, whether through swimming, washing and immersing into the tub is ill advised. This should also be avoided for around 7 to 10 days according to the health care provider’s recommendations.

Vigorous activity through intense exercise and workouts should be avoided for the next three days after the surgery. This allows for proper healing of the affected area. Additionally, clients who are into certain sports like tennis or badminton may do well to keep their protective eye wear for about a month after the surgery. This also serves as one of the precautions to take with laser eye surgery to avoid injuries. Protection of the eyes from UV rays through protective sunglasses is an imperative for just about anyone and this is especially crucial for those recovering from laser eye surgery. Following these special recommendations ensures a healthy recovery for post operative clients.