Optilase Pricing and Finance Options-Transparency in Laser Eye Surgery

Optilase is the leading eye specialist in Northern Ireland in the area of laser eye care. We are devoted to delivering the best results hand in hand with a committed care program, which is carried out prior to the laser eye surgery, during the surgery and after. Our eye specialist is an Irish family-run company that has been around for ten years, which have seen its influence spread across Ireland and its Islands, including Newry branch, L/Derry and Belfast.

Here at Optilase we have some of the most prolific professionals in laser eye surgery and thus are very confident in sharing their vision of providing patients with a first-rate service at some of the most affordable prices covered in their Lifetime Care Guarantee.

Optilase Pricing and Finance Options

Here at Optilase we are a company that believes in clear structures of prices and transparency, a core belief stressed by the amounts patients should part with for treatment. Most importantly, one should remember their price guarantee and their quote are guaranteed to better any other from different eye care providers since hidden extras are non-existent. It is necessary to ask for a quotation so that you can compare with other providers and to also have a better idea of the price structures.

For those seeking LASIK or LASEK standard treatment, the prescription is only £295 while any other care costs £995. Prescription for Wavefront LASEK or LASIK is only £995 while all other care related to it stands at 1495 pounds. For the specialized Wavefront procedure with INTRALASE, prescription stands at £1295 with all other care covered by £1795. It is very important to call or contact Optilase for a breakdown of these figures and further clarification, just in case. While prices are per each eye, they are the maximum costs any patient will be parting with.

For those living in Ireland and had laser eye surgery before at Optilase, remember there is a 20 percent tax relief claim you need to ask for. The company goes an extra mile for their patients where during the consultation, the specialized Optilase team gives a breakdown in full of all costs and services for every person. In other words, it means hidden costs or nasty hidden surprises during the treatment are absent as usually happens in other places. The company prides in making sure all clients have understood every aspect of the Optilase pricing and finance options to make the experience exceptional and smooth.

The company relies heavily on the feedback of previous patients and their word of mouth that guarantees better results and provision of the highest laser surgery care there is in a transparent way. Even if you have no idea whether laser surgery is the right option you should pursue, the expert staff will carry out some tests to determine just what is best for you. The freely provided consultation will have a Laser Optometrist at Optilase ascertaining the suitability of the eyes for a laser surgery procedure done through a number of tests for about an hour.

If you would like to be less dependent on glasses, reading or otherwise while improving your new vision, or if you have any eye problems, just pick up your phone and contact us here at Optilase or pop in to our facility and see us.