Optilase Is Your Best Choice For Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has become one of the fastest growing, life changing decisions that people are raving about. Optilase is proud to provide laser eye surgery and are one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in North Ireland, Belfast, L Derry and Newry. At Optilase, we pride ourselves with being the best, providing our patients with the most up to date technology while carefully screening and working with only the top of the line surgeons who are completely qualified and trained. At Optilase we also provide our clients the comfort of knowing we have extensive experience by completing over 40,000 laser eye surgeries.

Optilase has four different procedures to help our clients get the best laser eye surgery that is right for them. If you are looking for a quick recovery time, Lasik surgery might be a good choice for you. With a 48 hour recovery time, and with little or no discomfort. If your cornea is a bit too thin for the traditional Lasik surgery, Optilase has a procedure known as PRK or LASEK. This is also an alternative that many patients opt for. Optilase also offers a unique, customized alternative that will use a laser to adjust your vision to cater to the eye’s exact needs. This surgery is our Wave Front Sugery. Optilase offers a final procedure that will actually create the flap in the eye as the Lasik surgery is performed.

Optilase sets itself far beyond any other clinic by also offering a 24 hour care call in line, a guarantee that you will be looked after for your lifetime, and have the most affordable service around. Optilase will absolutely provide our patients with the lowest price possible.

Affordability can be a concern for many, which is why Optilase has many financing options to choose from with 0% interest. Optilase understands the financial strain that eye surgery might give our patients and have eased that strain by making it affordable for all.

Optilase offers a consultation that is absolutely complimentary. There are never any hidden costs and stand proud of how well we treat our patients. Comfort, ease and satisfaction is what Optilase wants each patient to feel.

There are four initial steps that Optilase guides each patient through before surgery. Treating each patient with the best care possible, your initial consult will tell you whether you are a prime candidate for laser eye surgery. This process will take about an hour with our highly qualified optometrist. Once qualified for laser eye surgery, you will then speak to the administration team and the surgeon as he gives you yet another exam to make sure you are ready to go. On the day of the surgery, you will be asked to bring a friend or a loved one to help you with any nervousness you might have. The actual surgery is only 7 minutes per eye so the process if very short! Once through with your surgery, each patient will be able to relax and pampered by one of our highly trained nurses. She will talk with you about our post-op care and will answer any questions you might have.

Optilase is your best choice for laser eye surgery. We look forward to meeting you!