No need to travel abroad for eye surgery

When it comes to elective procedures like LASIK, it can be tempting to outsource to a foreign country that offers significant discounts in price compared to here at home.


However, it is worth considering the broader picture when deciding where to undergo refractive surgery, especially since the cost of Laser Eye Surgery had dropped quite significantly in recent times.


At Optilase clinics in Northern Ireland, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all procedures and promise to better any quote from any other Laser Eye Surgery provider so that our patients get the best possible treatment at an affordable price.

Can I afford to get Laser Eye Surgery in Northern Ireland?

Optilase Northern Ireland believes in providing prospective Laser Eye Surgery patients with a thorough overview of the costs per eye, and we can also discuss 0% Finance and tailored packages for all patients.


For mild prescription errors (+/- 1), all Laser Eye Surgery procedures are offered at a significant discount, while for all prescriptions higher than +/- 1 the amount increases.


A clear outline of all prices can be seen on the Optilase Northern Ireland website.

Be aware of the risks of travelling abroad for LASIK

If you are seriously considering having Laser Eye Surgery abroad, it is vital to take into account the costs of travel and accommodation on top of the cost of treatments so as to adequately budget your finances.


One of the major hurdles when it comes to treatment abroad is the language barrier which can make communication extremely difficult and frustrating.


The aftercare package in cheaper destinations is often basic or inadequate, whereas at Optilase there is a comprehensive aftercare package to ensure that any procedure was successful and that your eyes are healing correctly.

Why chose Optilase Northern Ireland?

Over 40,000 procedures have been carried out by the expert Optilase team using the latest and most advanced laser technology as patient safety and comfort our number one priority.


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