New app claims to improve eyesight

Researchers at the University of California have created an app specifically designed to help train the visual cortex of the brain to process information more effectively so that distance vision is improved.

The app was developed and tested on the university’s baseball team who were all required to complete 25-minute “workouts” on their smart device over a period of two months.

Measured results found that the players had dramatically increased their visual clarity at greater distances by 31%.

How can technology improve eyesight?

The revolutionary app works by getting users to tap a series of on-screen targets that appear fuzzy and seemingly out of focus, in rapid succession.

The tasks progressively get more difficult in order to maximize brain function and set the precedent for vision to be processed more clearly.

By adjusting the eyes and the imaging processing part of the brain to recognise these shapes, it allows for future incoming messages from the eyes to the brain to be better understood.

The patterns that the app mimics are called Gabor stimuli and were created to represent the complex structure of information that the brain’s visual cortex normally receives for vision to manifest and an image to be seen.

Can technology eliminate vision defects completely?

While recent developments like this app are still very much in their infant phase, there have been massive advances in technology in the past decade to help eradicate common vision defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Laser Eye Surgery is still the surgical procedure of choice for millions of people worldwide every year, who wish to restore vision clarity without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

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