Most Common Eye Problem

Thousands of people in Northern Ireland suffer with Presbyopia, the hardening of the lens in the eye that happens as we age. Up to recently, corrective eyewear was the only solution for many; now a new procedure called ‘KAMRA’, available exclusively at Optilase Eye Clinic, will finally allow effective treatment so people can get rid of their glasses.

KAMRA Technique

The Kamra technique involves a microscopic ring placed in the cornea, focusing the light onto the retina at the back of the eye, improving vision for all distances.

Presbyopia is an inevitable condition, because as we get older the crystalline lens behind the cornea gets stiffer. This purpose of the lens is to act like a zoom on a camera, focusing light so we have clear vision.

Aging Eye

When the crystalline lens, which is flexible and gel-like in youth, stiffens up with age, the muscles in the eye can’t squeeze it into shape to get a clear image.

This hardening of the lens tends to happen between the ages of 40 and 50, and we notice that it’s increasingly more difficult to read things like menus or the instructions on the back of jars.

By age 50, about 90% of your lens flexibility is lost. The only people who can still read easily at that age are those who were born short-sighted and already have to use glasses for distance.

The Kamra procedure essentially grants your eyes immunity from aging. It’s painless, effective, quick and can change your life.

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