Michael O’Neill Eyeing Up Laser Eye Surgery Ahead of Euro 2016

Michael O’Neill guided our wee country to its first appearance at major finals for the first time in 30 years. He is known for always having his eye on the prize and now he has his eyes on something else: laser eye surgery! Euro 2016 is quickly approaching, and O’Neill wants to be ready for the action with perfect vision.
O’Neill knows the importance of excellent eyesight, but he also values the importance of picking the right surgeon to perform the procedure. That is why he has turned to Optilase Eye Clinic for his corrective surgery. He has already scheduled his consultation – and that is the most important step in laser vision correction.

A few reasons why it is important to book a consultation before deciding to go in for laser eye surgery:

Everyone Has Different Vision Requirements

What your eyes need may not be the same as what Michael O’Neill or anyone else needs. Everyone has unique vision requirements and lifestyle factors, such as sports, work, social activities, etc. All of these make demands on a person’s vision as well as their candidacy for laser corrective surgery. There are a variety of corrective laser procedures available and the consultation appointment can help the surgeon decide which is right based on your vision requirements and lifestyle needs.

Your Candidacy is Limited by Overall Health Conditions

During the consultation, you will go over your medical and vision history with the surgeon. The surgeon will perform an eye examination, take measurements and do a few tests to also ensure you qualify for laser eye surgery. Certain illnesses and conditions can disqualify you for candidacy, including:

1. Age – You need to be at least 18 years old.

2. Pregnancy – Hormonal changes during pregnancy as well as immediately after childbirth will dramatically affect your vision; therefore, a surgeon will wait until you are no longer pregnant or nursing, before approving your procedure.

3. Eye Disease – If you suffer from a degenerative eye disease, you may be disqualified. Some conditions can be managed through laser eye surgery, but conditions like glaucoma cannot.

4. Medical Conditions – Certain conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes and immunodeficiency statuses can disqualify you as well because they will interfere with your body’s ability to heal.

Costs of Laser Eye Surgery and What to Expect

Lastly, you and the surgeon will discuss the likely outcome of your procedure as well as any associated risks based on your assessment. Then, you will be able to discuss the cost and potential payment options.

Join Michael O’Neill and thousands of others by having your vision corrected using the latest laser technology. The board-certified professionals at Optilase can help improve your vision. For more information or to schedule your initial consultation, fill out an online form today.