Lose those Reading Glasses – Get KAMRA instead

Having to don reading glasses to see things up-close makes people feel old before their time. Most people over 40-45 find it hard to focus on near objects as a result of a stiffening of the lens in their eye, and even if their distance vision I perfect, have to rely on reading glasses to see things close to them.

Now Optilase clinics across Northern Ireland have the ideal solution for people who’d love to ditch their glasses, in the form of an intra-corneal inlay called KAMRA.

Intra-Corneal Inlays

Intra-corneal inlays are the most advanced solution for presbyopia, a condition that affects thousands of adults across Northern Ireland. You are most likely to suffer from presbyopia if you are over 40, as it is an inherent reaction of the eyes to the ageing process.

Do I have to wear reading glasses to improve my near vision?

It’s bad enough when the body begins to creak and succumb to the perils of old age, but when your eyesight starts to deteriorate also, it can be a challenging adjustment, particularly if you enjoy an active lifestyle.

Reading glasses can be a hindrance, and significantly impact on your daily routine, which is why more and more adults are exploring alternative options, like intra-corneal inlays.

I’m considering surgery, so where do I get an intra-corneal inlay?

Optilase in Northern Ireland is the only clinic to offer the KAMRA corneal inlay. The quick and virtually pain free procedure uses the most advanced technology to treat presbyopia and eliminate the need for reading glasses completely.

What do I need to know about an intra-corneal inlay?

An intra-corneal inlay is an extremely thin transparent lens (1/10 thickness of a sheet of paper) that is implanted into the body of the cornea (stroma) of a person’s non-dominant eye. A femtosecond laser is used to precisely create a flap on the surface of the cornea so that a qualified Optilase surgeon can carefully insert the corneal inlay.  Results are measurable instantly after the procedure is completed.

How does a corneal inlay differ from other laser eye surgery?

The KAMRA intra-corneal inlay should not be confused with other common laser eye procedures that correct vision, such as LASIK which work by removing some corneal tissue in order to reshape and reestablish proper function of the cornea. An intra-corneal inlay is merely placed in the cornea to mimic the workings of a camera aperture – unfocused light is blocked out making near vision clearer.

How long will the procedure last?

Unlike other corneal-inlays, KAMRA does not need replacing and there is no reduction in power or accuracy as the eye continues to age. It is also a completely reversible procedure which means you can take advantage of other future treatments of presbyopia should they arise.

The KAMRA inlay is available exclusively at Optilase clinics in Northern Ireland. So far, we have successfully treated over 14,000 patients with presbyopia.

If you want to stop reaching for those reading glasses for good, why not call to book your free consultation now on 0800 0121 565 or visit /reading-glasses/