LASIK Eye Surgery Information

Want to toss your bifocals away? There is a surgical method that can reduce or eliminate your dependency on reading glasses and contact lenses. You can actually find a lot of LASIK eye surgery information on the net. In this process, a laser is used to correct refractive error which means that there is a problem with the focus system in the eyes. These errors are categorised as nearsightedness; where objects at a distance are blurry while near objects are clearer. Farsightedness is when near object are hazy while far objects are clearer. Astigmatism occurs when objects at all distances are blurry. Reading glasses or contacts are used to help correct these problems but refractive surgery is intended to minimise the need for these visual aids.

Do you need LASIK eye surgery information?

During a LASIK eye surgery procedure, a thin layer of a person’s cornea is cut and then lifted to one side. Then the surgeon will apply the laser and the flap (thin layer of cornea) is placed back exactly where it was. So the laser is not directly applied unless a flap is created. Before the surgery like any other procedures, a full eye examination with your eye doctor is necessary to have your condition assessed and evaluated. On the day of the surgery, avoid using makeup, creams, lotions and perfumes since it can increase your risk of infection. During the surgery, the process itself takes about fifteen minutes, or thirty if done on both eyes. Since it doesn’t take that long for the operation, this is normally done as an outpatient procedure with no need to stay in the hospital overnight. After surgery, there will be a burning or itching sensation, your vision will be hazy and your eye will continuously water or tear copiously. Remember not to rub your eyes because it can dislodge the flap. Artificial tear drops will be recommended and you can close your eyes to have it rested. Do not expose yourself to infection risk by swimming in pools, lakes, and even hot tubs during the healing process. The safest wait time would be a minimum of two or more weeks. However, you should still always refer to your surgeon as to when you can go about these activities again.

The healing and recovery time is quicker and more comfortable as it takes only 2 days and after this time most people will already be able to drive. People can also return to work almost immediately following the procedure. Usually surgeons will advise to rest for a couple of days and participate in no strenuous exercises for about a week or so as not to traumatise the eye and affect the healing process. The same goes with any other surgeries, instructions must be followed specifically to ensure a swift recovery. Rest well enough, take your prescribed medications and once you suspect a problem call your laser eye surgeon immediately.

Most people will choose LASIK eye surgery because of the less hassle that is often experienced. They can go back to work and resume their normal activities faster after surgery because the recovery period is quicker and more comfortable. It allows them less time off work and fewer disruptions from their daily life. The procedure is likely to give you 20/20 vision. Since the laser is guided by a computer, the results are more precise and accurate. Don’t take chances when it comes to the wellness of your eyes, see a qualified surgeon for more LASIK eye surgery information or to book a consultation.