Laser Eye Surgery: The Facts and the Myths

As with any procedure, there are usually a few myths that need to be dispelled. When it comes to LASIK, there are a lot of misunderstandings out there that prevent potential candidates from seeking out this surgical procedure.

If you have been avoiding a laser eye surgery consultation, it may be time to review the facts and get rid of those myths once and for all.

The Truth About Laser Eye Surgery

Over the past 20 years, multiple myths have surfaced about laser eye surgery. Now it is time to separate those myths from the facts. These include:

1. Everyone Can Receive Lasik 

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for laser eye surgery. There are certain factors that can make a patient ineligible for this procedure, such as health problems or genetic disorders.

2. Laser Eye Surgery is Very Painful

LASIK is painless. Drops are used to numb your eyes during the procedure and afterwards, you may only have a slight level of discomfort, but definitely nothing that is described as pain.

3. Lasik Could Cause Blindness if Done Wrong 

There have been no reports or no studies to prove such a statement. While complications can occur, these are extremely rare.

4. Poor outcomes from Laser Eye Surgery cannot be corrected

Most patients are satisfied with the results of their laser eye surgery. If they are not, there are a variety of treatment options. An established laser eye surgery centre will also offer a lifetime guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied, they will fix it.

5. You Cannot Correct Farsightedness or Astigmatisms with Lasik

The fact is that individuals with these vision problems are actually great candidates for laser eye surgery. Any type of refractive error, including nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness makes you eligible for laser eye surgery.

6. You Never Need Glasses Again

While some patients may never require corrective eyewear, normal aging still occurs. So, a person may need reading glasses or eyewear on a part-time basis as they age.

7. Where You Get Lasik Does Not Matter

This is far from the truth. One of the most essential elements in how successful your procedure will be is based on the surgeon that does it. You need to spend time researching surgeons and opt for a surgical centre that specializes in LASIK and other advanced laser procedures.

Do not let the myths regarding LASIK keep you away from getting better vision. If you have questions, it is best to visit your local laser eye surgical centre to meet with a professional and discuss those concerns in person.

Are myths keeping you away from laser eye surgery? The professionals at Optilase want to put those concerns to rest over a free consultation. Contact us today to learn more about laser eye surgery or to schedule your consultation.