Having My Laser Eye Surgery: Do’s and Don’ts for Maximum Success

Before your laser eye surgery appointment, your surgeon will give you a list of things you must do to prepare for the procedure as well as what you can expect during recovery. It is important that you follow these steps, because they can greatly impact the success of your procedure.

Before Your Appointment for a Vision Correction Procedure

Prepare yourself for your eye surgery with these do’s and don’ts:

1. Do stop wearing your contact lenses a few weeks before surgery. Because these can distort your cornea’s shape, you want to ensure your cornea is as unaffected as possible.

2. Do not wear eye makeup, perfumes or creams the day before and the day of your surgery.

3. Do arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure, because you will still feel the effects of the medication.

4. Do not put any eye drops (medicated or otherwise) in your eyes the day of the procedure and a few days before.

5. Do tell your surgeon about any medical eye conditions or allergic reactions you are aware of.

After Your Laser Eye Surgery

To ensure faster recovery, there are a few post-operative dos and don’ts you will want to keep in mind, including:

1. Do not take a shower or wash your hair until one day after the surgery.

2. Do not drive until you feel you are able to do so.

3. Do not get soap in your eyes for at least one week post-surgery.

4. Do not wear eye makeup for at least one week and discard all previously used eye makeup to avoid contamination.

5. Do not colour your hair for at least 10 days after surgery.

6. Do not exercise for at least two days.

7. Do wear the goggles and shields provided to you by the surgical centre and wear them as instructed.

8. Do wear protective eyewear, including sunglasses for at least the first month post-surgery.

9. Do avoid dirty environments and high winds so that debris cannot get into the eye.

10. Do wear sunglasses outside for a year post-op, since sunshine can lead to eye scarring.

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