LASEK Eye Surgery Recovery Time

Getting back your 20/20 vision is no longer an impossible dream, reading glasses getting in the way of your lifestyle will no longer be a problem, thanks to LASEK eye surgery. Science is continuously improving and this procedure is used to treat astigmatism, short-sightedness or farsightedness. This surgery is considered safer because it preserves the top layer of cells instead of scraping them away and waiting for them to grow back. This actually helps in the healing of the cornea with less discomfort. Thus, the popularity of LASEK is growing among refractive surgeons nowadays.

With every operation, come the post ops worries. People are busy nowadays and they want to be assured that they can still go up and about their regular routines without getting hampered by the procedure. It is important that patients are aware of the LASEK eye surgery recovery time.

LASEK procedures generally heal more slowly, although it can vary from one person to the next. The usual time for recovery if there are no complications would be between one and two weeks. Patients can also feel as though they experience irritants in their eyes and this feeling can last up to two days. As part of after care, they need to wear a “bandage contact lens” following the surgery to serve as protection and keep the eye from irritation, as well as allowing time for healing. It may be cumbersome for some people but one must bear in mind the importance of safety. It is only necessary to wear these bandage contact lenses for around 3 days after the operation. There is also a tendency to feel dizzy or lightheaded after the operation. That is why a friend or a relative should be at hand to travel home with you or stay with you until such a time you will be able to manage on your own. Dry eyes may require eye drops to ease the discomfort of the situation. The administration of eye drops will improve the healing time and reduce any discomfort that one would feel. It is also important to see your surgeon for several follow up appointments to ensure that the healing process of the eyes can be closely monitored. While the eyes are in the healing process, it’s necessary to wear a hat or sunglasses for protection since they will be sensitive to sunlight and other bright lights. It’s also a preventive measure for dirt or any stray particles to affect the eyes. Make sure that no water or chemicals get into the eye while it is healing, so refraining from having a shower or washing your hair for a few days would greatly help. It is also recommended to let at least four weeks pass before engaging in any contact sports. Most patients report that all side effects they experience are thoroughly gone within a year.

The LASEK eye surgery recovery time may take a little bit longer but this newer and less risky form of surgery definitely has its advantages. This type of procedure is best for patients who have very thin corneas since the process is less invasive. This is also good for those who are into professional or leisure activities which have their eyes involved at greater risk of injury such as boxing. The main benefit is that you will no longer be a slave to glasses or contact lenses because the surgery will correct those impairments. In time, you will be saving money by not always having the need to buy new glasses and contacts. The wait is most definitely worth it.