LASEK Eye Surgery Information

The eyes are the windows to our souls. Imagine seeing the beautiful world around you with 20/20 vision and getting your life back without glasses, the same way that it used to be. Being able to do the things that you normally did before but now is being hampered with a pair of specs or contacts. Now, thanks to the amazing breakthrough of LASEK Eye Surgery, these problems can be resolved.

More and more people are taking the plunge in getting this treatment. It has been proven to be effective in improving vision and eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses. It has become popular because the procedure has been proven safe and accurate. The surgery reshapes the cornea part of the eye thus correcting any vision impairment. According to statistics, over 30 million people worldwide have undergone this operation and found it to be very effective. Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Courtney Cox, and Brad Pitt have opted for this laser eye treatment.

Here are some common eyesight problems that people have: Myopia – short-sightedness, this results in distant objects appearing blurred. Hyperopia -long-sightedness, wherein the image is blurred when looking at objects nearby. Astigmatism – this can cause problems when viewing objects near or far away. These problems can really cause a great deal of hassle to a person’s day to day routine.

LASEK eye surgery is a procedure to correct vision. No cuts are done, instead laser energy is used. A LASEK procedure typically involves the preserving of the extremely thin flap by bringing it upwards towards the surface of the eye before the energy of the laser is applied directly to the eye’s (technical) surface. The result of LASEK surgery is likely to produce 20/20 vision. Recovery time is at least a week, therefore patients are advised to take 5-7 days off from work. Patients would experience moderate pain after the surgery with fewer chances of complications and if ever one arises they are easily treatable by surgeons. For people who have thin corneas, are usually advised to have the LASEK surgery. For those involved in contact sports like boxing, martial arts, wrestling and etc, they will be advised to take LASEK since surgeons will not compromise the strength of their corneas. With the pricing, most clinics charge around the same prices; of course they would differ in packaging and promotions. Some clinics or hospitals offer free consultations and assessments, privileges like having their taxes reduced, free operations that some can avail while others would match up what competitors have to offer. Some will include a lifetime aftercare package for their patients. This is essential with a complex procedure such as this and one that involves an important organ such as the eye.

LASEK eye surgery provides a safe option to improve vision. Although not the fastest in terms of recovery period, it is sure not to compromise your daily routine. You can still go about what you have been used to doing. If you do harder work, don’t worry as you’ll remain perfectly able, without compromising the health of your eye.