Kamra Vision: Are You A Suitable Candidate?

Procedure Exclusive to Optilase

There used not be much we could do for aging vision, because the crystalline lens in our eye tends to get stiff as we grow older. It’s a common condition called Presbyopia, and it means we progressively lose the ability to focus on objects that are close to us. Now, only at Optilase, you can benefit from a revolutionary new procedure called KAMRA.

Presbyopia usually starts somewhere between ages 40-50. We notice that fine print looks blurry, and often have to hold things away from our eyes at arm’s length to try to read them.

How the Eye Gets Old

Essentially, the eye starts to lose the accuracy of focus (or ‘eye accommodation’) on near objects. ‘Eye accommodation’ is what our eye does physiologically when it adjusts our crystalline lens to bring objects near the eye into sharp, clear view. The eye increases its optical power by adjusting the curve of the lens-younger eyes do this automatically.

Age causes the crystalline lens in our eyes to stiffen a bit, losing elasticity. Changes in the curvature of the lens and loss of strength of the cillary muscles (that control the lens) also contribute to Presbyopia-which literally means ‘Age of Sight’ or ‘Old Eye’.

Usually, this means that many people with Presbyopia now need corrective eyewear specifically to read-some people who wore contacts all along now need reading glasses too, and glasses-wearers need bi-focals for close work.

KAMRA Procedure

The brilliant advances in ophthalmology make it possible to correct Presbyopia with extremely clever corneal inlays in a procedure known as KAMRA.

Corneal inlays are little implantable devices, biocompatible with the body, which are surgically inserted just under the superficial layer of the cornea. They are microscopically thin and allow the eye to correctly adjust for clear focus.

How Optical Inlays Work

The inlay acts like a zoom in a camera, allowing the eye to be able to focus correctly for near vision without any additional eyewear; the correction is happening within the eye, with the aid of the inlay.

The technology is absolutely cutting-edge and at last those of us who had been resigned to using reading glasses finally have an option to ditch them. It’s as if your eyes have been granted immunity from the aging process.

All inlays are made from polymers known to be accepted comfortably within the body; there isn’t any irritation or reaction to them. Just imagine; you’ll be comfortable, blur-free and can grab a paper or read your texts without hunting around for your specs.

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