Is Kamra For You? Try This Experiment

Exclusive to Optilase

KAMRA is the advanced new treatment for people with Presbyopia, available only from Optilase and involves the implantation of a corneal inlay in one eye. This very tiny inlay acts just like the zoom feature on a camera, narrowing the focus to increase the depth of field.

In other words, it reduces the amount of unfocused light entering the eye by providing a smaller aperture or hole over the pupil, giving you increased sharpness of vision for near objects.

Try This Experiment

Try this little experiment to see if KAMRA might be for you; it’s a good way to visualise how the inlay works.

Hold your hand up to one eye, and close the other eye. Curl your fingers into a fist on front of your eye, and then slowly open your fist until there’s a small tunnel of light in the middle.

Now look through that tunnel at the words on this page. Do the words look sharper?

Try this experiment with and without your reading glasses if you have them, and try it with and without looking through your tightened fist.

If you find the words look sharper through the tunnel you made with your fist, then you may be a candidate for KAMRA, because that’s exactly how the procedure works-it gets rid of unfocused light and uses a microscopic inlay on your eye to focus the light through it onto the retina at the back of the eye, giving you clear vision.

Optilase will conduct a far more sophisticated test than this one!

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