Introducing the Schwind Amaris, Now at Optilase

Having access to the latest technology at a laser eye surgical centre is critical, and the technology in this field is constantly evolving. The most recent evolution in laser corrective eye surgery is that of the Schwind Amaris. This revolutionary model features unsurpassed accuracy for modern surgical centres ready to improve their procedures.

What Makes the Schwind Amaris So Unique?

Anyone who is considering laser eye treatment should research the technology behind it. The Schwind Amaris helps achieve optimum results safely and quickly, but that is not the only benefit to this new technology. Some of the best features include:

1. Two Energy Levels – With this laser, you get highly precise ablation of the corneal tissue and maximum precision using two different energy levels.
2. Superior Speed and Precision – Speed of a laser does not matter if it is not precise. The Amaris has unique characteristics that offer a balance between ablation speed and precision including up to 1050 laser pulses per second and automatic fluence level adjustment.
3. Comfort – Unlike some lasers, the Schwind Amaris offers more comfort to the patient, which means the surgeon can now put more of his or her focus on the eyes during surgery.
4. Exceptional Safety – Laser eye surgery is safe, but Schwind Amaris makes it even safer. With features like thermal control, online pachymetrie, eye tracking and turbo fast eye tracking systems, each move with the laser is absolutely precise.

Optilase is proud to have the latest Schwind Amaris technology in our laser eye surgery centre. If you want to correct your vision using the most advanced and safe technology, our surgeons can help. Not only do we have the best equipment, but our surgeons are highly trained and experienced to get you the results these new technologies are designed to deliver.

Not sure if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery? Meet with at Optilase for a free consultation. Even if you are not a suitable candidate, we may have other surgical alternatives to help improve your vision. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.