IntraLase Vs WaveFront

Are you tired of wearing your contact lenses or eye glasses? Yet you don’t have a choice but to wear them because you are nearsighted, farsighted, or plagued with astigmatism. The burden of wearing them day after day, constant changing of lenses and the cost of glasses does not seem to go down. Medical science has come up with an answer to give people better options for getting back their 20/20 vision. With new discoveries coming out, it’s sometimes difficult to choose between 2  good choices. As is the case with eye surgery it would be IntraLase vs. WaveFront procedures. Which of the two would a patient benefit from the most?

IntraLase vs. WaveFront, will it be a question of choosing one over the other or both procedures working together? What is the difference between the two?

The IntraLase method is a blade-free method for creating the corneal flap (technical). The flap of the tissue on the surface of the eye is rolled back and according to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, “like cutting the top off a boiled egg and leaving the shell attached”, then the laser is used to modify the tissue on the very front of your eye.

What are the benefits to this method?

Better outcomes are reported, faster recovery according to patients, and less complications experienced. The other benefit is that the laser eye surgeon is able to tailor the procedure to what is best for your eye. It has been reported that millions of IntraLase methods have been done safely and effectively.

The WaveFront requires precise and accurate measurements of your refractive error to make sure that your problem with your vision is correctly treated. It uses the WaveFront technology to reshape the cornea properly. In cases where eye glasses, contact lenses or standard LASIK (technical) cannot treat, this method is able to because the measurement system is very accurate thus enabling vision correction. This technology takes in to consideration that every person’s eye is different, much like fingerprints, and so it’s modified based on that individual person’s requirements. The benefits for this procedure is individualised correction for your eyes, significantly sharper vision has been experienced, lower account of side effects such as glaring and difficulty with night visions.

What if the two methods are used together?

IntraLase WaveFront surgery, a combination of the two can come up with a better, more accurate result. IntraLase uses a laser to produce a flap and by using the WaveFront technology, the surgeon is guided by precise measurements that accurately measure your cornea and allows the surgeon to treat them accordingly. Benefits from this combined technology would be reduced short and long term complications, a better chance of having 20/20 vision and fewer problems from past surgeries such as impaired night time vision.

At the moment, IntraLase WaveFront surgery is the safest, most precise and most effective means of correcting vision, which more patients are using to enjoy the benefits of 20/20 vision when compared to any other laser eye treatments.