Incredible Solution to Presbyopia

Only at Optilase

Are you having trouble seeing things close up? Do you find yourself squinting and holding your mobile phone at arm’s length to try to see it? You probably have Presbyopia.

Presbyopia happens as the eye ages; over the years the eye’s natural crystalline lens gets stiffer and less flexible, making it hard to focus light into a clear image.

Usually, the symptoms of Presbyopia don’t start to become apparent until you hit 40; it varies by individual but is as inevitable as death and taxes.

New Procedure for Aging Eye

There used to be very little that could be done for Presbyopia sufferers, but now exclusively to Northern Ireland, Optilase are offering KAMRA, and amazing procedure that will completely restore your vision.

KAMRA involves implanting an optical inlay over the eye which works like the zoom feature on a camera, discarding extra scattered light and narrowing the field of vision to provide a perfect focus on the retina for a clear image,

How Do I Know If I Have Presbyopia?

Presbyopia has probably crept up on you; it’s a gradual thing. The symptoms may only become really noticeable if you’re doing certain tasks. You might start finding fine print almost impossible to read; managing the regular print without difficulty and then suddenly realising that the smaller print is one giant blur to you.

It’ also very noticeable if you can’t see poorly contrasted print; for example coloured writing on a coloured background as you’d find on products or labels; as well as light writing on a dark background like street signs and roadway directions, or the destination plate on the front of buses and trains.

Another sign of possible Presbyopia is only being able to read for a short period of time without becoming weary. Other people have trouble doing tasks that require acuity of close vision, little fiddly things like trying to thread a needle or see the clasp on a necklace. It all gets worse when you’re tired, too.

Presbyopia is age related, so once you’re over 40 its wise to have your eyes checked. It’s always important to check for diseases like glaucoma; especially if there’s a danger that you have Type 2 diabetes, but your optometrist will examine you for Presbyopia.

You can book a free consultation at Optilase and see if you’re a suitable candidate for KAMRA – you’ll only find it at Optilase, so call 08000 121 565 to find out more about this revolutionary new treatment.