Got Questions about the KAMRA™ Inlay?

Life has much more to offer than a constant search for your reading glasses that seem disappear down the side of the armchair or couch at a moment’s notice.

At Optilase clinics across Northern Ireland the KAMRA™ inlay is a minimally invasive long term alternative to reading glasses.

The revolutionary inlay which is only 3.8mm wide and 0.005mm thick can sit comfortably in the cornea without affecting its biological integrity or function.

The inlay reverses the symptoms of presbyopia by filtering out excess light that causes near vision to appear blurred.

Who can get the KAMRA™ inlay?

The KAMRA™ inlay is suitable for patients over the age of 40 who have lost their near vision due to presbyopia, but do not want to wear reading glasses.

Patients of Optilase Northern Ireland can make the most out of life without lenses and enjoy the convenience and vision clarity the KAMRA™ inlay offers.

How does the inlay work?

As you age, your lens loses the ability to focus light for clear near vision, causing it to appear blurred.

The KAMRA™ inlay restores your eye’s ability to focus light from a nearby object by increasing your range of vision.

Incoming light passes through the centre opening of the doughnut shaped KAMRA™ inlay, while the surrounding edge prevents excess light from flooding the eye.

Who should get the KAMRA™ inlay?

If you are tired of reading glasses or find that they prevent you from carrying out your everyday routine with ease, the KAMRA™ inlay offers unrestricted visual freedom.

Once placed in the cornea, patients will be able to perform everyday activities, such as reading a text message or newspaper without straining or requiring reading glasses.

Will the KAMRA™ inlay be noticeable in my eye?

Significantly smaller than a contact lens and lighter than a grain of salt, the KAMRA™ inlay is almost impossible to detect, even in patients with blue eyes.

 Will I still need to wear reading glasses?

The KAMRA™ inlay is a reversible procedure, so if your presbyopia prescription increases and you find yourself struggling with near vision again, the inlay can be replaced to match your eyesight changes.

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