Good News For Old Eyes

There’s good news for people with Presbyopia. A new treatment called KAMRA is now available exclusively at Optilase that will allow you to be free of reading glasses.

What is Presbyopia? Do I have it?

Presbyopia is an eye condition that affects most of us as we age; it literally means ‘age of sight’, or ‘Old Eye’. Essentially, the crystalline lens in our eye stiffens with age, becoming less flexible and we begin to have trouble focusing on objects close to the eye.

It’s most noticeable when we find ourselves squinting and holding newspapers at funny angles, in an attempt to focus clearly. It usually starts to affect people after 40, and results in the inevitable trip to the opticians for reading glasses.

If you already wear glasses or contacts, Presbyopia used to mean that you needed to get glasses to wear over the contacts, or get bifocals on your glasses-all just to read and see objects very close to your face.

What can KAMRA Do for ME?

Only Optilase are offering an ingenuous solution to the problem of Presbyopia, using corneal inlays in the revolutionary KAMRA procedure. A corneal inlay is a tiny little piece of biocompatible polymer, which is put into the eye to correct the focus from the inside.

Corneal Inlay

This corneal inlay is called the Flexivue Microlens and it’s been thoroughly reviewed and supported by top eye surgeons internationally.

The idea of a corneal inlay is clever enough, but this microlens is actually customizable to fit your eye exactly. Using the same kind of femtosecond laser that used in Lasik surgery to make a tiny pocket in the cornea, the surgeon slips in the thin corneal inlay and the pocket seals itself over it.

How does KAMRA work?

KAMRA works just like the zoom on a camera, by narrowing the arpeture of the eye. It takes the available light entering the eye and concentrates it on the retina at the back of the eye, to form a clear image. This allows you to overcome your focus problems and see near objects brilliantly.

Invisible yet Powerful

You only need to have one corneal inlay; implanted in the non-dominant eye. It’s invisible and stays permanently in place unless you need a stronger prescription at any point, in which case it can be easily removed and replaced.

This innovative procedure is only available at Optilase, and will allow patients to put their reading glasses away forever, to experience clear vision again.

Give Optilase a call on 0800 0121 565 to book your free consultation, and see if you are a good candidate for KAMRA.