Correcting Night-Time Vision Problems

Some people see just fine during the day, but at night, their vision turns poor. Poor night vision could be a sign of progressive cataracts or other serious conditions. Other times, it may be nothing more than a vitamin deficiency. If you have poor night-time vision, it is important to see a professional right away for treatment and correction.

The Causes of Night-Time Vision Issues

Difficulty seeing at night can be due to many reasons, including:

1. Cataracts – Painless, yet progressive, cataracts slowly cloud your lens. One of the first symptoms of cataracts is night-time vision problems. You may see halos around lights or even blurry vision where you cannot focus properly.

2. Low Vitamin A – Vitamin A keeps your retina healthy. If you are deficient, you may notice you suffer from poor night time vision. Some diseases that naturally deplete the body’s supply of vitamin A, such as Crohn’s disease, can also cause this.

3. Sunlight Exposure – This is temporary, but is a warning sign for better eye protection. Being in bright sunlight for too long without protection can impair your night vision for several days.

Getting Diagnosed is Key

If you notice blurred vision or you have difficulty seeing at night, you need to schedule an appointment with an eye care professional. An eye exam could help diagnose why you cannot see clearly at night.

Can It Be Corrected?

Poor night vision may be correctable, depending on the cause. Custom LASIK procedures may improve night vision in those who have had previous issues seeing in the dark. As your eyes heal post-surgery, you will gradually notice an improvement in your night vision. The degree of improvement can vary depending on the severity of your night-vision problems initially. The good thing is that most patients report a definite improvement.

It is important you have laser eye surgery performed by a skilled treatment centre. You will also need an initial LASIK consultation to see if your night vision issue makes you a candidate for laser eye surgery, or if there is a laser alternative available.

Do you have difficulty seeing at night? Optilase has a team of professionals that can help diagnose the problem and provide the best solution. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation for LASIK laser eye surgery.