Blurred Vision

It happens as we age; most of us develop Presbyopia, and until recently there wasn’t much we could do about this ageing of the eye that causes difficulty in focusing on objects close to us.

Now, exclusively at Optilase, a revolutionary procedure called KAMRA means we can finally throw away our reading glasses and be free from the effects of our ‘old eyes’.

Lens Hardens

As we age the crystalline lens of our eye starts to get stiffer, making it difficult for the cillary muscles involved in focusing the eye to squeeze the lens to focus properly.

This lack of ability to focus on close-up objects causes blurry vision, and it’s why we end up holding things at arm’s length to read them. KAMRA is a procedure designed  to bring youth back- to your eyes, at least.


Just 3.8 millimetres in diameter, the Kamra inlay is a device that’s inserted into the cornea of the eye. Mimicking the depth of field principle used in photographic cameras, the Kamra inlay makes objects clear again.

The KAMRA inlay takes the light entering the eye and focuses it, just like the zoom on a camera. It makes the image far clearer and eliminates blurring.

One Eye Only

The device is actually only implanted into one eye, so patients keep their distance vision without any compromise.

The genius of the KAMRA is that it increases depth of focus so you have extra close vision as well as maintaining your distance vision.

How It Works

The KAMRA has a small aperture and as it goes into one eye, patients can still use both eyes in balance with an increased depth of focus. Over time, the brain retrains itself to us this visual system.

The fact that the implant is only in one eye doesn’t make any difference; you’ll have the best of both worlds in that your distance vision won’t be affected.

Find Out If KAMRA Is for You

KAMRA isn’t for everyone; it depends on your specific eye issues; your current distance vision and your age-but you’ll easily find out by booking a free consultation at Optilase. Call 0800 0121 565 to find out if KAMRA will work for you.