Blade-free IntraLase

The Blade-free IntraLase procedure is wherein the surgeon will create a flap in the cornea using a laser. It is guided by a computer just in case the patient’s eye moves during the creation of the flap, the laser will automatically follow the movement of the eye. The Femtosecond laser that moves at a quadrillionth of a second makes very tiny bubbles, all the same size around the cornea to make the flap. It is precise and completely safe as the creation of the corneal flap is so near to the surface of the cornea, meaning that there is no worry of the rest of the tissue being touched. This procedure will take around 15 – 20 seconds to complete fully. The creation of the flap in the cornea is absolutely painless and the patient will not feel anything at all during the procedure. Once the corneal flap is done, the surgeon will lift the flap open. An excimer laser (used with the LASIK procedure) will then be used to reshape the cornea. The operation is painless and the procedure takes about 30 seconds to complete. Right after the surgeon puts the flap back in place, the eyes will heal at a tremendous speed.

Unlike the traditional microkeratome procedures where blades are being used, the IntraLase is blade free and more precise in making a flap in the cornea. The microkeratome procedure also leaves an irregular surface as the blade only has one dimension thus affecting the patient’s vision after the operation is done. With the IntraLase method, the surface of the flap is even and smooth so patients don’t have to worry about postoperative results. The advantage of Blade-free IntraLase is that more patients experience top quality results and have a faster recovery as compared to the traditional microkeratome. There are a few complications and infections related to the eye’s cornea flap.

The Blade-free IntraLase method is commonly used for those common, uncomplicated cases, but is still safe when used with other methods. Right after the surgery, there are a few things that patients need to avoid doing to eliminate the chances of complications and infections in the flap. Patients should avoid using eye make up for at least 3 days after the surgery is done. Swimming is not advisable within 2 weeks from the date of the surgery. Patients should avoid rubbing their eyes for 2 weeks to let the cornea flap heal. Goggles are needed in case patients take part in any sport to protect the eyes. It is imperative for patients to strictly follow their medicine schedule and to faithfully follow the appointment set for checkups to ensure a lifetime clear eyesight.

This is good news to those who want to regain 20:20 eyesight. Some people are adamant in going through the IntraLase surgery. With the number of people who already tried the procedure, their testimonies alone serve as your guide whether to go on with the procedure or not. A lot would suggest on going through the procedure as they have experienced the beneficial results themselves. For most patients, they have regained 20:20 vision after the surgery or even better. You’ve got nothing to lose when trying the IntraLase surgery, but you’ve got so much to gain.