After Care Advice for Laser Eye Surgery

After having had laser eye surgery, the after care is quite important. A good surgeon will take you through the aftercare process in order to ensure that you recover well and don’t catch infections of any kind. After care advice for laser eye surgery is very important. It will determine how well you recover from the surgery. Knowing exactly how to go about the whole recovery process is faster without any side effects. Your surgeon may give you such advice before or after the surgery for you to know how to go about after care following laser eye surgery. Below is some after care advice for laser eye surgery that you are most likely to get from your surgeon.

1) Driving: You are required to have someone drive you around after the surgery since it will be impossible for you to drive immediately after laser eye surgery. You can get back to driving at least a week or more after the laser eye surgery. It is important that you do not take such a risk as you will be endangering yourself as well as others in the process.

2) Use of Antibiotic Drops: These are highly recommended as they will help prevent infections. You will be required to use antibiotic drops as they will be prescribed by your doctor. Apart from antibiotic drops, there are other medications that may be prescribed by your doctor. It is important that you take all the medication prescribed by your doctor for you to recover fast.

3) Use of Sunglasses and Hats: These will help ensure that you are comfortable considering the fact that your eyes will be quite sensitive to light right after the laser eye surgery. Such sunglasses to relieve the intensity of light will be required to be used for a few days after the laser eye surgery. Hats come in handy in ensuring that nothing gets into the eye that may cause injuries or even re-infection.

4) Washing Eyes with Soap: it is advised that you avoid getting soap into the eyes and washing your hair right after the surgery. This can only be done at least a week after the laser eye surgery. Hair spray and shaving lotion as well as other products that may have some forms of chemicals should never come in contact with the eyes for at least one week after the surgery. Such products will only hinder the healing process.

5) Dusty Environments: You are required to ensure that you avoid all environments that are dusty be it your working place or room. This is to ensure that the dust does not come into contact with the healing eyes as it may cause infection. Such environments should be avoided for at least a whole week after the surgery as by this time the eyes will already be healing.

6) Help All-Round: After the surgery you need to have someone over at your place to help you get along as you will not be able to do much for at least a week. This person may be a family member or friend.