Why Are So Many Golfers Turning to Laser Eye Surgery?

24 May 2016

Golf is a game of patience and skill. However, all of the patience in the world and the best drive will not make up for poor vision. Today, more professional and weekend golfers are turning to laser eye surgery to improve their game. After all, it is hard to be a pro golfer when you cannot see the flag or even your ball a few hundred yards away. Some of the world’s best golfers have had laser surgery, including Tiger Woods, Rory Mc Ilroy, Retief Goosen, Padraig Harrington, and Lee Westwood, to name a few. This begs the question—could laser surgery improve your game of golf?

How Laser Eye Surgery Can Make You Shine on the Golf Course!

If you have been considering laser eye surgery for your own vision problem, here are a few benefits you should be aware of: 

1. Rid Yourself of Glasses and Contacts for Good

For those that wear glasses and contact lenses, playing golf can become difficult. After all, attempting to hit a ball while balancing your eyeglasses can be challenging. As the weather warms up, hot, humid days make eyeglasses even more uncomfortable during play. When the weather is slightly breezy or allergy season hits, wearing contact lenses can be painful and may affect your game. With corrective surgery, you can eliminate your need for contact lenses and eyeglasses. Play your favourite game of golf with sharper vision and minus the discomfort.

2. The Surgery is Shorter than a Game of Golf

Laser eye surgery is considerably shorter than a round of golf – if that puts it into perspective. Immediately, you will start to notice the results, though it could take a few days to see the full benefit.

3. You Can Concentrate Solely on the Ball and Game

When eyeglasses and contacts are not in the way, you can concentrate only on the game and focus on striking the back of the ball. You will not have to worry about whether you will drop your expensive prescription glasses!

4. You Will See Down the Fairway and Greens

One improvement you will notice is how easily you can stare down a fairway and green and spot the flag from a distance. Your perception of distance also improves, which helps you commit more to your shots.

While improving your vision will not turn you into a pro golfer, it can certainly help your score. When you are not fumbling with glasses or worrying about contacts and dry eyes, you can focus on the game and hopefully, lower your handicap.

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