Laser Eye Surgery – Who Has Done it and What they Say?

16 Oct 2015

Laser eye surgery is like a dream solution for all your eye issues - it is fast, effective, painless and affordable. In the past few years, it has become a front-runner in the treatment of poor eyesight.

In fact, many celebrities across Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom have chosen this revolutionary method of permanently improving your eyesight and overall quality of life. The media pictures of Sir Richard Branson literally throwing his glasses away is just one example.

Some of the famous faces who have had laser eye surgery include:

Pamela Balentine-5

Pamela Ballantine - TV Presenter

After more than 27 years in front of bright camera lighting, big flashing screens and a lot of television browsing, your eyes are bound to experience some wear and tear. Pamela says that the Karma Inlay laser eye surgery at Optilase 'changed my life forever'. It worked so well for her that she no longer needs her glasses, reading glasses or contact lenses.

Gerry Armstrong Optilase Blog

Gerry Armstrong - Football Player & TV Presenter

"Now I have 20:20 vision, I can see up close, away in the distance and everything in-between". As an ex-international footballer, Gerry's only regret with his decision to undergo laser eye surgery is that had he done it sooner, it may have led to a few more goals!

Frank Mitchell optilase blog

Frank Mitchell - TV Presenter

As a long time broadcaster and TV/radio journalist, Frank Mitchell needed to find the right clinic and a suitable procedure before deciding to undergo laser eye surgery. After extensive research and many recommendations, he chose the Kamra Inlay Treatment at Optilase, because they are the European Number One. He never looked back.


Doug Howlett Optilase Blog

Doug Howlett - Rugby Player

As a professional rugby player, Doug Howlett would constantly lose his contact lenses while playing, or they would move and blur his vision at a critical point in the game. After a quick and painless laser eye treatment at Optilase, "it was 15 minutes before I was out again," Doug says he now has no excuse to drop the ball!

connor phiillips optilase blog

Connor Phillips - Radio DJ

Although a little sceptical initially, Connor Phillips (multi-award winning TV, Radio Presenter, Live Host and DJ) is now a complete fan of the laser eye surgery treatments that Optilase offers. "Since the treatment, my life has changed immensely and immediately, I am glasses free".

For more details on their stories and other celebrity testimonials, visit us online. Book your own free consultation to see how laser eye surgery can change your life forever.

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