Your Eyesight and what can go wrong

05 Jul 2014

Your eyes are powerful sensory organs that work alongside your nervous system to enable you to see and interact with the outside world.

The instant you open your eyes in the morning, they will automatically begin their daily routine of processing light and liaising with the brain via the optic nerve.

How the eye receives and processes light will determine your ability to see objects clearly up close and in the distance.

Why do I need glasses?

If you require glasses in order to see everything in focus, then you will more than likely have a refractive error present in one or both eyes.

Glasses are placed in front of the eyes to correct the way in which light is refracted in the eye.

When inaccurate refraction takes place within the eye it prevents incoming light from landing directly on the retina.

The retina is the end point at the back of the eye where light must land in order for it to be converted into electrical and chemical messages to be sent to the brain.

Laser Eye Surgery represents a more contemporary solution to refractive errors compared to standard prescription lenses.

At Optilase Northern Ireland, Laser Eye Surgery can be used to correct the most common refractive errors found in patients.

Refractive errors in Northern Ireland

Refractive errors tend to originate within the eye because of an incorrectly shaped cornea or an eyeball that is too long/too short.

Myopia (short sightedness), Hyperopia (long sightedness) and Astigmatism are the three refractive errors that can be effectively treated at Optilase Northern Ireland using Laser Eye Surgery.

In myopic patients, the cornea may be steeper than average, causing light to land in front of the retina to produce a blurry image in the distance.

For hyperopia, the cornea may be flatter than average, which creates problems focusing up close as light overshoots the retina.

Astigmatism relates to the natural shape of the cornea which should be spherical with even meridians. When the cornea isn’t round, it results in uneven meridians which cause images that enter the eye to be distorted.

Corneal reshaping with Laser Eye Surgery

Corneal reshaping is available at Optilase Northern Ireland through four unique Laser Eye Surgery procedures.

Depending on your refractive error and overall suitability for laser vision correction, you can undergo LASIK, PRK, WaveFront or IntraLase Laser Eye Surgery.

By administering a permanent correction to the cornea, light can be refracted accurately so that it lands directly on the retina.

To find out more, arrange your free Laser Eye Surgery consultation on 08000 121 565.

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