When is the best time to have laser eye surgery?

25 Jun 2014

If you’re over 18; have been diagnosed with a refractive error and really don’t want to depend on glasses or contact lenses, you are probably suitable for laser eye surgery.

This surgery is very affordable, as it is one of the most frequently performed procedures in the world, and has a high success rate- so once you make the decision, book your consultation at Optilase to find out for certain if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland can be carried out on any patient deemed suitable for the procedure during a free consultation at our clinic in Belfast, Newry and Derry/Londonderry.

Designed to eliminate the cause of poor vision caused by the presence of a refractive error (myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism), deciding when you are ready for Laser Eye Surgery is completely up to you.

While there is no ideal age to undergo Laser Eye Surgery, recent research has indicated that younger patients may experience fewer complications after the procedure.

However, the rate of complications in patients of all ages has steadily decreased with the emergence of advanced laser technology, like the Excimer Laser which administers the precise correction to each eye.

Create 20/20 vision

Laser Eye Surgery remains the world’s most popular elective surgery, and at Optilase Northern Ireland, over 40,000 patients have already undergone the procedure without incident.

The safe and reliable procedure is fast becoming Northern Ireland’s preferred method of permanent vision correction.

Laser Eye Surgery is available to those who wish to experience 20/20 vision without having to wear heavy, irritating frames.

Unfortunately, not everyone can undergo Laser Eye Surgery, but Optilase Northern Ireland offers anyone who is considering the vision correction procedure, a free consultation to gauge suitability.

Suitability for Laser Eye Surgery

Your general health will be taken into account along with any existing medical conditions that could disqualify you from having Laser Eye Surgery.

Those who wear contact lenses rather than glasses must opt for the latter in the lead up to the consultation in order to allow the cornea to assume its natural shape.

Pregnant women are unable to undergo Laser Eye Surgery as fluctuating hormone levels can affect measurements taking during the consultation stage.

Prospective patients must also have a refractive error that has remained unchanged for at least one year, so as to ensure that the prescription in both eyes is stable.

Finally, a range of measurements including the size of the pupil when fully dilated and the thickness of the cornea will be taken before you can be deemed suitable for Laser Eye Surgery.

If you are found to be a suitable candidate for Laser Eye Surgery, you will be advised as to the options available to you, should you decide to undergo the procedure.

If you are interested in finding out if you are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery, book your free consultation at Optilase Northern Ireland on 08000 121 565.

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