Goodbye glasses – Take control of your eyesight

02 Apr 2014

There are certain days when you will despise having to wear glasses more than usual – perhaps they continually slip down your nose or maybe the pressure sores on your ears caused by the heavy frames are especially tender...

Either way, on those days, wearing glasses can seem like the harshest life sentence that you never asked for.

But instead of putting up with the inconvenience of glasses, why not take control of your eyesight and your life with fast and effective Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland?

Upgrade to a new set of eyes with Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery essentially changes the way your eye processes incoming light so that objects at any distance appear sharp and in focus.

If you require corrective lenses it is because light that enters the eye does not land precisely on the retina, therefore vision is blurred.

This innate error can be attributed to a cornea that is incorrectly curved or an eyeball that is either too long or too short.

Laser Eye Surgery reshapes the cornea using tiny pulses of laser energy to adjust the landing spot of incoming light so that your eyesight is permanently corrected.

What type of laser is used during Laser Eye Surgery?

At Optilase Northern Ireland, two very specific lasers are used during Laser Eye Surgery – a Femtosecond Laser to create a corneal flap (provided that you are a suitable candidate for a corneal flap) and an Excimer Laser to reshape the cornea.

A corneal flap is created on the surface of the eye before any correction takes place in order, but in some instances patients may not be suitable for this procedure and will receive treatment from only one laser.

Patients who are unable to use a corneal flap will instead undergo PRK Laser Eye Surgery which uses Ethanol drops to loosen the outer layer of the cornea which can be moved aside while laser correction takes place.

Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase clinics in Belfast, Newry and Derry/Londonderry is carried out on both eyes on the same day and the entire procedure usually takes less than half an hour.

To find out more about Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland, call 08000 121 565 or fill out our free consultation form.

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