Turn Back the Clock with KAMRA - No More reading Glasses!

26 Jul 2013

You may have seen those over-the-counter reading glasses in your local pharmacy and shivered at the thought of wearing a pair, but when presbyopia (Greek for ageing of the eye) kicks in, you could find yourself reaching for a pair faster than you might think.

Are you in denial about presbyopia?

The first signs of presbyopia occur sometime after turning 40 and continue to get progressively worse up until the age of 60.

At the offset you may be tempted to cope with the inconvenience of mild presbyopia, reading menus, newspapers and text messages at arm’s length, but continuous eye strain can induce headaches and fatigue, which can make you look as old as your eyes feel!

Have you always dreamed of growing old gracefully?

If reading glasses don’t fit into your daily routine, Optilase clinics across Northern Ireland have the ultimate age-reversing eye treatment – the KAMRA inlay – that can turn back the clock and allow you to live life as it was before the need for reading glasses.

The KAMRA inlay gives you back perfect near vision without compromising on distance vision, which is why Optilase has performed over 14,000 procedures in Northern Ireland.

Tell me how it work.

The KAMRA inlay alters the optical power of the cornea which makes it the ideal solution for presbyopia. Applying the same principle as a camera aperture, the KAMRA inlay is implanted 2mm deep into the cornea of your non-dominant eye which enables a greater depth of focus.

The KAMRA inlay is almost invisible and you will not be able to feel it once the procedure is completed and the initial incision is healed.

Thinner than a human hair, the KAMRA inlay is the 3.2mm in diameter with a 1.6mm centre hole, not unlike a flat, see-through doughnut. It is through this 1.6mm opening that light is pinpointed onto the retina allowing for clear imagery.

How soon after the procedure can I to return to normal activities?

If you opt to have the KAMRA inlay procedure to treat your presbyopia, the minimally invasive aspect of the process means there is very little down time as the eye heals quickly and near vision is immediately restored. There may be some initial irritation but that will pass. It is important to adhere to the Optilase aftercare procedure and attend any follow up appointments.

For any other queries about the KAMRA procedure suitability or to book your free consultation, contact Optilase on 0800 0121 565.

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