Different Laser Eye Techniques to Correct Eye Problems

30 Nov 2012

Laser eye surgery is carried out to correct the shape of the cornea for light to enter the eyes. Laser eye surgery is performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Eyes are different for everyone and the treatments done to correct their issues also vary. After a detailed consultation, a surgeon will be able to suggest the correct laser eye surgery. Following this there are different laser eye techniques available to correct problems related to eyes.

LASIK: Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis is the most popular laser surgery performed around the world. Lasik is preferred by most patients because of its very short recovery time. The recovery time varies from 24 hours to 48 hours after a surgery with no discomfort to the patients. This procedure is extensively used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This surgical method makes a flap in the clear tissue at the front portion of the eye. This flap is folded backwards and the cornea is reshaped using laser technique. Once the cornea is corrected this flap is put back on the same position. It sticks on its own without the need of any stitches. The effect is permanent in a LASIK surgery with little eye irritation for most. Results are noticeable within 2 days of the surgery. It is one of the safest eye surgery techniques with no major side-effects.

Wave Front Guided LASIK: This is an improvement to the LASIK procedure. It uses two of the most advanced and innovative treatments. The Standard and Advanced CustomVue wave front. With the help of advanced technology it creates a detailed map of how light emerges from the eyes. All the irregularities of the eye are produced on the map for the surgeon to guide the laser to treat the edges of the cornea, which is different from the centre. This surgical method is used to correct glare, halos and night vision. The mapping system used in this procedure is 25% more accurate than many other traditional methods. The map is unique like a fingerprint. It is performed to correct any imperfections caused due to other laser procedures.

IntraLase: This method is the most advanced way to create a flap in the eyes during a LASIK surgery. It is also known as a blade free process with outstanding results. Tiny laser lights pass through the outer region of the cornea. These tiny laser pulses are controlled by a computer for achieving an exact precision. The intralase flap is created in a few seconds and the surgeon uses the LASIK procedure to reshape the cornea. The whole process is extremely quick and pain free. Patients recover very quickly without any complications.

Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK: This is done on patients with thin cornea. The LASIK procedure is undesirable in such cases. It involves surgery of the inner tissues rather than the outer tissue in the LASIK surgery. This form of treatment is also known as LASEK. The only disadvantage of this procedure is its long recovery time along with some discomfort during the healing period. Only an Ophthalmic surgeon will be able to suggest if PRK is right for you.

All the above laser treatments can result in minor side-effects, but with technology these can be eliminated. Laser surgery is not suitable for all patients, only a surgeon will be able to decide which procedure is suitable depending on the condition of the eye and its problems.

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